Valentine's Day gifts: Top 10 ideas for him and her

The month of February brings a new challenge for couples in love: Valentine's Day gifts that say "I love you!" in a way that is as authentic as possible, but which is also appreciated by the partner. We offer you 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas for your girlfriend and 10 other ideas for your boyfriend, for a February 14th as special as possible.

Valentine's day gifts for her

One of the most classic and appreciated gifts you can give on Valentine's Day is a perfume that will make her feel elegant and show her how much you appreciate her.

Aphrodisiac perfumes, the most suitable Valentine's Day gift

From the latest range of products, MYSU aphrodisiac perfumes are wonderful to give as gifts at any time of the year, but especially on Valentine's Day, when they can accentuate the passion and love between you.


Perfectly suited to a loving and mysterious nature, Venus perfume is a wonderful gift for any romantic moment.

The notes of pink pepper, rose and lemon will envelop your lover in a magnetic combination of aromas, and the fruity-woody notes of patchouli, raspberry and oud will continue to be felt for a long time after application.


For a rebellious and nonconformist nature, the Athena perfume is the secret to giving the right Valentine's Day gift.

Lilac and citrus combine in perfect harmony, only to be replaced by the ideal balance between amber and vanilla. Finally, their place will be taken by the woody and gentle notes of patchouli and oud.

Sweet perfumes for women, perfect for Valentine's Day

If your girlfriend particularly appreciates sweet aromas, such as caramel, vanilla or pralines, we recommend that you choose the gift that you think suits her best from the MYSU collection of sweet women's perfumes .

W41 - Abuse

With a sweetness that lasts for hours and gives the air in the room a positive and optimistic note, W41 Abuse is a women's perfume that highlights the women who choose to wear it.

The top notes of bergamot, cherry and pear combine perfectly in an enticingly sweet aroma, then giving way to floral notes of tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine.
Finally, the base notes of patchouli, vetiver, amber, caramel and vanilla will continue to linger, even after Valentine's Day has passed.

W42 - Midnight

Midnight is a women's perfume in a surprising combination of sweet and fresh notes. Suitable for any time of the day, but especially for evening events, Midnight delights your senses with bergamot and lemon, followed by jasmine, vetiver and cedar wood. At the end of the day, the vanilla, musk and pralines will convince your girlfriend to wear this perfume again and again and again.

W25 - Sky Blue

Sky Blue eau de parfum is the secret of lovers of sweet perfumes, but who want a bolder, out-of-the-box combination.
Orange and gardenia combine deliciously on the skin, to be replaced by the sweetness of honey and the fruity aroma of peach. At the end of the day, the remaining aroma is completely dominated by patchouli.

W39 - Moss

If vanilla is among your girlfriend's favorite notes, then Moss is clearly the perfect choice.

In the first phase, the dominant aromas of lemon, cinnamon and spicy notes capture the senses, then give way to the floral-oriental notes of ylang-ylang and ginger.

Finally, the woody notes merge with the vanilla and linger for hours on your lover's skin.

Beauty box - Cosmetic gift set

Nothing better to give as a Valentine's Day gift than a complete care set from MYSU for a day of ultimate pampering. You can choose from a varied range, with floral, fruity, sweet or fresh notes, depending on your girlfriend's preferences.

Here are the flavors we offer and what a MYSU beauty box contains , a perfect gift for Valentine's Day:

Coconut & Vanilla

An exotic combination, guaranteed to be adored by any woman who receives it, a coconut & vanilla beauty box will transport her senses to exotic islands whenever the products are used.

Salted Caramel

Lovers of sweet aromas will fully appreciate the gourmet aroma in the beauty box dedicated to one of the most beloved sweet ingredients in the world. Choose a salted caramel beauty box for moments of supreme indulgence.

Mango & Roses

The floral-fruity combination of Beauty Box mango and roses envelops the body in a deeply feminine aroma, leaving the skin smooth and velvety every time the products are used.

Cranberry Pie

With an aroma that surrounds you and leaves you craving for a new application, a Cranberry Pie beauty box is an inspired gift, with which you will pleasantly surprise your partner.

Shower gel

For a gentle cleansing, combined with aromatherapy, a shower gel that your girlfriend will find in the beauty box will make every shower a new pleasant experience with every application.

Body scrub

Perfect to be applied immediately after a gentle cleanse, the body scrub promises to remove dead cells and revitalize the skin, for a velvety and pleasant skin.

Body butter

Skin care becomes complete after applying a thin layer of body butter , with a moisturizing and fragrant formula that is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and delicately scented.

Valentine's day gifts for him

Trying to find the ideal gift for men can be a real challenge. We propose 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas with which to pleasantly surprise him and convey to him how much you love him.

Men's perfumes - A suitable gift for Valentine's Day

Because no one knows him better than you, you will surely be able to choose a men's perfume that perfectly suits both his style and his character. Here are MYSU's suggestions for Valentine's Day gifts for your boyfriend or husband:


From the newest collection of MYSU aphrodisiac fragrances, Eros stands out as a fragrance in a combination of unisex notes that perfectly suit a strong and seductive masculine style.

M03 - Brown

A perfect choice for a man with personality, very in control of himself, Brown Eau de Parfum stands out for its spicy notes of pink and black pepper, highlighted by citrus-fruity and woody notes.

M04 - Black Light

Ideal to be given to a lover with a mysterious air, Black Light eau de parfum initially conquers you with fresh citrus notes, to then envelop you in sweet-woody aromas of cedar, musk and tonka beans.

M07 - Steel Blue

A mosaic of persistent fresh-woody aromas, Steel Blue eau de parfum is the secret of any imposing man with a leader's attitude.

M20 - Black Orange

Perfectly suited to lovers of fresh, refreshing scents, Black Orange Eau de Parfum is a wonderful gift that will energize him and give him a good mood with each new application.

M14 - Lilac Red

A light fragrance, the right choice for informal daytime events, Red Liliac Eau de Parfum is a Valentine's Day inspired gift for a lover with a deep nature, which does not take into account appearances and sees the world in its complexity.

Unisex oriental fragrances - The perfect choice for both

Regardless of whether you have a gift for him or her, you can't go wrong with a well-chosen unisex oriental perfume.

Oud Royale

An oriental perfume full of elegance and refinement, appreciated by thousands and thousands of customers, Oud Royale is a real contrast of fresh and woody notes that persists for hours and conquers with each wear.

Secret Tobacco

With accents of tobacco and vanilla, but also fine notes such as lily of the valley or saffron, Secret Tobacco is a unisex oriental perfume that dominates the room and stands out among other aromas. It is ideal to be given as a Valentine's Day gift, especially for your lover.

Amber Pleasure

The sweet-woody notes of Amber Pleasure will conquer your partner's senses with a sensual and delicate air. Perfect for a woman or a man, Amber Pleasure can be one of those scents that bring you together.

Car air freshener - A gift for your second love

Because we all know that the car is, for most men, the second love, a car air freshener offered as a guaranteed gift will be an appreciated gift on Valentine's Day. And if you both enjoy the flavor on a romantic getaway, the outcome is perfect. Here are some MYSU car air freshener flavors that men especially like:

New Car

One of the most sought-after car air freshener scents, New Car breathes new life into the air in the cabin every time you drive.

Ocean Breeze

Fresh, refreshing and energizing, with a scent that lasts for days. What more could a man want from an Ocean Breeze car air freshener for his car?

Bubble Gum

A sweet unisex aroma that evokes the aroma of the famous chewing gum again and again, awakening memories and giving a feeling of well-being. A Bubble Gum car air freshener is perfect to give on Valentine's day, along with a men's perfume.